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  1. She could either continue with the event as planned to „show

    Muslims Once Again Are Being Targeted For An Attack They Had Nothing To Do With

    One caller left three voicemails, canada goose coats on sale saying he canadian goose jacket was canada goose clearance sale angry and wanted revenge, even though this Muslim community had no relation to or contact with Saipov. He just happened to share the same faith as the congregants at ICPC.Omar Awad, the president of ICPC, called police.Unfortunately for this community, and for many other Muslims, this isn’t the first time they have dealt canada goose with such hostile backlash. In fact, it’s buy canada goose jacket a routine that’s Canada Goose online all too common and will likely continue.“People are saddened that they have to deal with another heinous act like this again and the consequences of it,“ Awad told HuffPost. „The community feels like they need to carry on the shoulders a response and justify a response, to say we are not like the attacker.“Hate crimes against Muslims have skyrocketed in recent years, and too often they increase after canada goose deals an attack by a self described Muslim. Muslims often find themselves in limbo, distancing themselves from the attack in lower Manhattan, which has been linked to terrorism, while bracing for attacks against their own communities.On average, nine mosques have been targeted every month for the first six months of 2017.Just a week after the Dec. 2, 2015, mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, carried out by a Muslim couple, a man threw a Molotov cocktail into a Coachella Valley mosque,about 70 miles canada goose clearance from San Bernardino.The Coachella Valley firebombing led the Islamic Center of Central Jersey (ISCJ) to decide it should step up its security. The South Brunswick Township mosque’s property also includes an Islamic school, Noor Ul Iman. Soon after the San Bernardino massacre, ISCJ spent more than $150,000 for buy canada goose jacket cheap increased security, including posting a guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.“Over the last year, we saw this rising trend of backlashes against mosques after terrorist attacks,“ said Sarah Saleem, an ISCJ board member. „We feel better now, but it came at a cost.“ (HuffPost is not using the board member’s real name in order to protect her and her family.)She’s grateful the mosque did spend that much money. Like the Paterson mosque, ISCJ also recently received a frightening voicemail. The caller used a program to disguise the voice. Still, board members at the mosque were able to make out the words „I want to kill“ and „ISIS,“ phrases that were alarming enough that they immediately called the police.“Twenty hours a day, people are in and out of the mosque. We have babies and elderly people. We knew it was better to be safe than sorry,“ said Saleem.The timing was no coincidence. The threatening voicemails left at both mosques came less than 24 hours after the New York terrorist attack. In New York alone, the New York Police Department’s hate crimes unit reports that half the known hate crimes in the first two canada goose black friday sale quarters of 2017 Canada Goose Jackets were against Muslims.“Since the goal of such heinous crimes is to divide our nation, it is incumbent on Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to frustrate that criminal objective by standing united cheap Canada Goose in the face of terror,“ CAIR said in a statement after the New York attack.Awad echoes those pleas, noting that the Muslim community in Paterson is resilient. „They are not going to let anyone accuse all of us because of the act of one person.““It is very essential these days to educate our fellow citizens, to inform them that we are not representative of every single attacker’s actions,“ he added.Rania Mustafa is the executive director of the Palestinian American Community Center (PACC), a nonprofit, non political cultural center in Clifton, New Jersey,about two miles from ICPC in Paterson. PACC offers social services and a canada goose coats host of programs that cater to the area’s large Palestinian and Arab community.PACC was scheduled to host a cultural event this weekend with music, food and knafeh, an Arab pastry, in partnership with a popular Palestinian traveling baker group,The Bearded Bakers. The event was set to take place in South Paterson, walking distance from the New York attack suspect’s apartment and the Omar mosque he attended.Mustafa found herself in a predicament. She could either continue with the event as planned to „show that this guy doesn’t define us and we can rise canada goose outlet above this fact.“ Or she could risk coming off as insensitive and draw backlash from the non Muslim community. And, of course, she was concerned about the safety of the attendees.“It was an exhausting process to come to the decision. Some people think we should have had it. Others were afraid of coming off as insensitive and having people misconstrue this event, Mustafa told Huffpost. „This event has been scheduled for over a month, but the reality is we live in a world of Islamophobia and fear, and sometimes we have to give into that because we don’t want to risk giving anyone the opportunity to say anything negative.“Her concerns are valid. Donald Trump, as he campaigned for the presidency, claimed he saw „thousands“ of New Jerseyans celebrating after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. This claim, made at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, in November 2015, turned out to becompletely false.The arrest of a Muslim man in Tuesday’s Canada Goose Parka New York killings increases the anxiety.“It’s honestly very frustrating. We all have to live in fear and second guess everything we do because of the actions of one deranged person,“ said Mustafa.A Muslim photographer is working on an ambitious project that he hopes will tackle stereotypes about American Muslims and showcase the community rich diversity. Since the fall of 2015, Carlos Khalil Guzman has been using his free time and his own funds to travel across the country to Canada Goose sale interview an array of Muslims. The series includes people of different sects of Islam, ethnicities and backgrounds from Native American Muslims to Syrian refugees to queer Muslims.Check out photos from Guzman project below, along with captions explaining each subject favorite verse. Some of their responses have been edited for clarity. Follow the series as it unfolds on Guzman Instagram account.

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    stephen colbert would trade his ratings streak for a

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    Canada Goose online „In 21st century America, schools have an obligation to serve all students equitably. Every student deserves the reassurance that their school restrooms are outfitted with necessities to accommodate their biological needs. Yet, for over half the US student population, there is a glaring exception to this commitment: menstrual hygiene products. Canada Goose online

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